Is signing up really free?
Yes! We're not charging sign up or subscription fees, there aren't any hidden charges lurking about and we'll never ask you for your bank account details. So join up and find someone to Jam with!
I play an instrument that isn't listed, can I still join?
Absolutely, you can contact us and let us know what instrument you play, and we'll include it in our list and let you know when it's done! Please don't make any up though….we're very gullible...
There aren't any Jammate members in my area, should I cancel my membership?
No, we're spreading the word all the time so please sit tight and keep checking your Jammail, new members will be coming on board all the time and we'll notify you when someone registers close to you. If you want to help us out, please contact us and tell us where you are!
How do I search for a Jammate?
We'll show you where other members are and what they are playing, you can search for other Jammates based on location, musical style, instrument played and or ability! We've got all the bases covered...!
I'm looking to join a band, is this the site for me?
We're more focussed on individuals than bands, but, you can search for multiple Jammates to get started. If you do form a band then contact us and let us know!
How do I cancel my membership?
Feel free to contact us to cancel your membership.
How do I report an abusive member?
We take your enjoyment and safety very seriously. If any members contact is seen as abusive, bullying or threatening they will be removed from the site without warning. Contact us to report member abuse, we reserve the right to cancel memberships at our discretion, so be nice!
I want to learn an instrument, can Jammate help?
Jammate was thought up by a struggling guitarist who needed to learn! We've partnered with some very good music teachers and resources and will continue to do so. In our experience some of the best learning comes from Jamming, so search for a member in your area today!
I'm a music teacher, can I advertise on Jammate?
Yes, but you have to let us know you want to join so we can help you get the most out of Jammate, please contact us and we'll show you how music instructors can advertise with us and grow your business.
Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
Both! Please follow @Jammateworld or find us on Facebook and give us a 'like'!